Here are some customer comments:

I first noticed HPWConstruction working on my neighbors house. The neighbor had them for repeat jobs and I figured they wouldn't if there were any issues. But the real reason I noticed them was on one job they did - it was removing and replacing the garage roof. They arrived first thing in the morning and even though the temperature rose into the 90s that day, they worked hard throughout the entire day. I wouldn't have blamed them if they slacked off a bit, because it was so hot, but they didn't. The next time I saw their truck at the neighbor's house, I went right over and asked for an estimate to have my aging (112 years old) and sagging front porch replaced. HPWConstruction pulled all necessary permits. HPWConstruction were completely professional throughout the renovation. The work was performed well and to code, was within the estimate. Something very important to me - the job was completed within the given time frame, including all inspections. I was kept informed every step of the way, which I greatly appreciated. I have more projects I need done and I intend to hire HPWConstruction to do them and I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a general contractor.

(Marian Grossi - Malden, MA).

Francisco works fast & smart. He was fearless about some pretty scary roof jacking we had to do, and his approach was perfect. His framing is excellent, and their prices where good. They worked at the jobsite for about 1 month. They were nice fellas to have around; they were glad to help me setup ladders or whatever I needed help with. They were extremely trustworthy.

(Michael Reed - Somerville, MA).

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